The 24th Dental South China International Expo & Conference 2019 Exhibition will be held in Area C, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, at pavilions 15.1, 14.1, 16.2, 15.2, 14.2, 15.3 and 14.3. This year, the Exhibition will run March 3rd, to March 6th for four consecutive days.

We hope you find this Essential Guide put together by the TREEDENTAL TEAM useful as you plan your attendance and related activities. See you in Guangzhou!





Exhibition Address
Area C, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex (980 Xin Gang Dong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China)

Exhibition Schedule
9:00AM- 4:45PM, 3-5 March, 2019
9:00AM- 12:00(noon), 6 March, 2019

Exhibitor List

Booth plan

Official Website

No registration fee is required for this Exhibition
Two ways to register:
1.Register at the scene with your business card.
2.Pre-register online with WeChat. Scan the following QR code.




Visitor Guidelines:
Visitor’s Certificate:
On the first floor, “Pre-registration Pass” or “Self-service Print Pass” can be handled quickly by pre-registration barcode, mobile phone number or name.





Transportation Tips



Transportation Tips

How to get to Guangzhou (Canton) from your country?
Guangzhou is now serviced by many international carriers. Visitors from USA, UK, France, Germany, Finland, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Vietnam, Zimbabwe can fly directly to Guangzhou. Please check your preferred Airline for routes and service.

How to get to Guangzhou from Hong Kong?
1.Take Guangzhou-Kowloon through Train to Guangzhou East Railway Station. Travel time is approximately 2 hours.
Guangzhou. Hot line: (00852) 2947 7888
* For more details, please visit
2.Take Guangzhou-Hong Kong Express Coach at Hong Kong International Airport or other stations in the city. Travel time is approximately 3.5 hours
* For more details, please visit
3.Take direct flights from Hong Kong International Airport to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. The flight time is approximately 50min. with flights leaving often throughout the day and night.

How to get to Pazhou Exhibition Hall Area C
From Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
By taxi: The journey is about 45 minutes and the cost is about ¥150 yuan.
By metro: The journey is about 1 hour and the cost is about ¥8 yuan. Under “Pazhou Station” of Metro Line 8, Exit C

From Guangzhou East Railway Station
Walk about 20 meters to the G1 entrance and exit of Guangzhou East Railway Station, take Metro Line 3 to Ke Cun Station, then transfer to Metro Line 8 to Pazhou Station, and walk from Exit C to Exhibition Hall. Estimated 30 minutes and cost ¥4 yuan.

From Guangzhou Railway Station
Walk about 200 meters to entrance B of the Guangzhou Railway Station. Take Metro Line 2 to Changgang Station. Transfer to Line 8 to Pazhou Station, and walk from Exit C to the Exhibition Hall. It will take you approximately 40 minutes and cost ¥5 yuan.

From Guangzhou South Railway Station
Walk to Guangzhou South Metro Station, take Metro Line 2 to Changgang Station, transfer to Line 8 to Pazhou Station, and walk from Exit C to the Exhibition Hall. It will take you approximately 45 minutes and cost ¥6 yuan.

For more metro information you can check online:

General Information about Taxi’s
The starting price of taxi’s in Guangzhou is 10 yuan/2.5 kilometers and the price per kilometer is 2.60 yuan/kilometer. Recommended taxi brands: Baiyun Taxi (blue), Guangjun Taxi (yellow), Guangzhou Transportation Group (red).
Taxi Hotline: 96900
You can also download Didi Taxi APP or use the Wechat app to call a Taxi on line.





Hotel Booking




Two Hotel booking sites we recommend for Guangzhou travel are: Qunar ( or Ctrip (  Both sites have a range of hotels to match your price preference, location, and chosen amenities.





Guangzhou Cuisine




You are in for a treat. Guangzhou’s culinary culture is well-known throughout China and the world.  There is something for every taste and fancy. Guangfu cuisine has twenty-one cooking methods, that vary spices, temperature, color, fragrance, taste and shape, texture and cooking method.  For you tea drinkers, drinking morning tea is an important part of Guangzhou life. We recommend taking your morning tea at a local Guangzhou Restaurant or café where you will witness the vibrant local culture. We have prepared a list of some of our favorite local dishes. Take this list with you when ordering and be prepared to enjoy the best of wat Guangzhou has to offer.

Characteristic Guangzhou cuisine
Guangzhou Wenchang Chicken – 廣州文昌鸡
Chinese Old Fire Soup – 中华老火靓汤
Congee with lean pork, liver and kidney – 及第粥
Rice noodles roll – 肠粉
White Radish and Beef Offal – 萝卜牛杂
Siu mei – 烧味
Wanta Mee – 云吞面
Nanxin Double-skinned Milk – 南信双皮奶

Recommended restaurants
Guangzhou Restaurant – 广州酒家
Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant – 莲香楼
Panxi Restaurant – 泮溪酒家
Lucky Tao Chinese Seafood Restaurant – 陶陶居
Hui Lou – 惠如楼
Datong Restaurant – 大同酒家
South Garden Restaurant – 南苑酒家









Upper and Lower Ninth Road Pedestrian Street – 上下九路步行街
Beijing Road Pedestrian Street – 北京路步行街
Huanshi East Road Business Circle – 环市东路商圈
China Square Business Circle – 中华广场





Site Seeing




Canton Tower – 广州塔(小蛮腰)
Baiyun mountains – 白云山
Pearl River Night Cruise – 珠江夜游
Ersha Island – 二沙岛
Chen Clan Academy – 陈家祠
Yuexiu Park – 越秀公园





Other Tips




In Guangzhou, Cash is used less and less as consumers and merchants migrate to mobile payment methods.The two most popular apps are: Alipay and WeChat.  We recommend that you download and set up your chosen app before you arrive. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact the TREEDENTAL TEAM, we would be happy to help you exchange/load RMB on to either of these apps.




Welcome to our wonderful city – Guangzhou! 




Please enjoy your stay and let us know if we can be of assistance in any way. We hope to see you at the 2019 Dental South China Exhibition.



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