We have two online stores. It is www.treedental.com and www.mrrightdental.com 

TREE USA, INC (TREE INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED) is a leading online supplier of high quality dentist equipments and dental supplies at wholesale prices coupled with a fast efficient service. We offer a wide range of dental equipments online, such as dental chair unit, dental handpiece, dental curing light,  dental scaler, dental x-ray machine, oral sensor and dental lab equipments and so on. We devote ourselves to serve dentists, dental labs and clinics all over the world.

Currently,  we have two online stores. It is www.treedental.com and www.mrrightdental.com.

www.treedental.com established in 2009,it is a great dental online store who focus on helping the dentist or any one who want to build their own dream dental office from scratch.Recently, www.treedental.com main service is to supply the full line dental room equipment, such as for operatory room setup: Cabinets, dental chairs, delivery systems, handpiece, lights, stools; for exam room setup: dental chairs, digital processors, instrument management system, nitrous oxide systems, vacuum system/air compressors; for hygiene room setup: cabinets, dental chairs, delivery systems, lights, sterilizers, stools and other things which are necessary.
If you want to buy discount dental equipments and dental supplies online, our store is definitely a great choice for you: professional customer service, excellent after sales service and prompt delivery with quality guaranteed.
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www.mrrightdental.com focus on high-quality dental chair, new brand “Mr.Right’ was founded in 2017. During almost ten years of doing business with dentists, we hear more and more dentists complain that they need quality dental units but yet affordable price. Big brands in the market are so expensive, and even a refurbished dental chair will cost them around USD 15000-20000. That is why we are here. Ten years experience in the dental industry makes us know exactly what dentists needs are. So today, we have set up the brand “Mr.Right,” aim to provide the quality dental chair at an affordable price.
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Why  Started TREE blog?
Ten years experience in the dental industry makes us know exactly what dentists needs are. So today, we started this blog to help dentists have a better understanding of dental equipment and dental supplies so that you can make informed decisions regarding your dental treatment.

We will publish some articles about the dental clinic set-up, selection of dental equipment, repair and maintenance of dental equipment, matters of attention to imported dental products, the news and interesting facts about dental industry, and so on.
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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