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Why need to build up your own Mobile Clinic?

July 13th, 2015// // 0 Comment //

  Mobile Clinic can 100% achieve the mobile Family service In recent years, People seek for personalized comfortable medical service, and the Open Door Family service also be more and more popular. As the medical equipment requested, not all medical can be achieved mobile Family service. But for.....read more ->

How to use endo file for Root canal treatment?

June 15th, 2015// // 0 Comment //

Treatment Sequence 1. Establish straight line access 2. Explore canal with #10 followed by #15 3. Flare coronal with S1 (follow by SX or Gates Glidden drills if necessary) until the depth of #15 is reached 4. Measure and confirm working length with #15 5. Use S1 to.....read more ->

Dental Microsurgery System, a Luxury or Necessary?

May 15th, 2015// // 0 Comment //

Designed for Dentists TREE TR-B for Dentistry The TREE TR-B with LED is the instrument explicitly designed for modern dental microsurgery. When making a decision during treatment, what you can see is a key criterion to your clinical evaluation. Time and time again during your work as a.....read more ->

How To Calculate The Dental Chair Shipping Cost From China To Your Door? — Your dental supplier don’t want you to know.

April 9th, 2015// // 19 Comment //

I think most of you have considered to purchase dental chairs or dental equipment from China because of the competitive price. And in fact, most of your local dental suppliers import dental products from China and then resell them to you. Thanks to the  high-developing E-commerce in China,.....read more ->