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Thank you for your support to Mr.Right dental chair all the time!?
Now, the new hydraulic drive dental chair is under development.
Let us sneak peek what is going on there!




Style 1



The dentist element is installed?in the cabinet and the light is installed on the ceiling.?
Provide a storage location for dental equipment and supplies and a mounting location for dental products used during diagnostic.
The assistant element and cuspidor can turn left and right.




Style 2



The delivery unit can turn around the chair, so the right hand or left hand dentist can use it.Left and right treament position without cuspidor




Style 3



The dentist element and assistant element can turn around the chair. Shelves that move to you, and ancillaries and storables accessible from either side, everything you need to work efficiently and comfortably is all within reach.
LED operating light installed on top of the?cabinet, when you don’t use it, move to the wall to save space.




Style 4



Dentist element with top mounted instrument tray can turn around the chair. The assistant element?with down mounted instrument tray and installed on the cabinet, you can move it from side to side.
LED operating light installed on the ceiling.
This design is more flexible for the operation of doctors and assistants.




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