Have you ever purchase sirona dental equipment(chair) from china?Do you know how the seller charge the shipping cost?If by sea,how can I get my goods?can offer the door to door service?what is the cost?Do you have many questions about the freight?Don’t worry!Now,let treedental show you how to calculate!

The sirona dental equipment (chair) shipping cost  form China to your door,usually consists of three parts,they are:

  • Form Tree Dental factory to the seaport charge
  • Seaport customs clearance charge
  • To door delivery charge

For example:Dr Jones by one set sirona dental chair,  total volume  2 CBM, send to the follow address:
reseda blv. Suite E Northridge, California, 91324
So the sea shipping charge and door to door service charge is as follow:
1.sea shipping charge(form Tree dental factory to the LA seaport, USA):USD$420
2.LA seaport customs clearance charge:USD$870 + Custom Duty ( at cost )
3.To door delivery charge(From LA sea port to reseda blv. Suite E Northridge, California):USD$270
Total cost:about USD$1600

The LA seaport detail customs clearance charge include the follow:
ISF Filing:      $50.00
ISF Bond:       $65.00
Custom Entry:       $100.00
FDA filing for consignee:      $100/shipment
Custom Bond:       $50.00 min. or $5.00/$1000 invoice value
Courier Fee:       $30.00
Import Services Fee:       $75.00
Warehouse in & out:       at cost ( min. $250.00 )
No loading dock:       $150.00 ( residential, pallet jet & liftgate )
Custom Duty( at cost ):      it depends on your government:how much they want to get from you
for your import dental chair?

Actually,for second part(Seaport customs clearance charge) and third part(door delivery charge) charge, you can find your local shipping agent to do this for you and you can discuss the price with him.You can save big money if you are a good bargainer!

PS:All the expenses are only for reference,for any other specific details, please contact us.

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